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In this Example we wil use the same library, theta.php to interact with the ETH RPC. This is a very powerful example and every function call creates an API call. Please limit you API calls to 1 per second or launch your own ETH RPC.

Get a Theta Address Nounce

Get Current Chain Id

Get Address tFuel Balance

Get The Current Gas Price

Get The Current Block

Return a Block By Number

Return a TNT-20 Contract Name

Return a TNT-20 Contract Symbol

Return a TNT-20 Contract Decimals

Return the Balance of TNT-20 Tokens an Address Holds (divide by 10^decimals for actual tokens)

If your contract requires multiple variables such as a function like "getAddress(uint,address,string)" seperate the params with a comma "1,0x00..000,helloworld"

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